DG Foods Installs DSI 888 Series Portioning System

Meet Our New Poultry Portioner

DG Foods LLC has installed a DSI 888 series portioning system production line at our Bastrop, Louisiana poultry processing facility.

Some call it the Cadillac of processing systems. The system uses eight moving cutters as well as optional stationary cutters on the DSI that are paired with a Graselli Slicer and Marel Press. The DSI 888 is one of the industry’s highest throughput and most precise waterjet portioning production lines in operation.

Why the DSI 888 Series?

In recent years, the demand for portion size boneless products has exceeded the industry capability to produce required volumes to supply the foodservice arena. DG Foods has been one of the largest hand portioners within the industry over the last 12 years providing hand portioned tenderloins while under co-packing agreements charging a service charge fee to process.

Due to this need, DG Foods has decided to transition into automated breast
portioning to take advantage of the opportunity to own and sell portions to the market place. With this production line new capability, DG Foods now can meet customer needs for high volume portions at precision high accuracy intense cuts.

About the DSI 888 Series

Machine Speed

The machine is able to cut portions and nuggets without slowing down. We are able to process more poultry per day thanks to the machine’s ideal combination of belt speed, small gaps, and high yield.

Software & Technology

The machine comes with industry-leading DSI Q-Link Portioning software. This software achieves the highest portioning yields available from traditional 2D portioning.

The new scanning system results in fewer components and higher performance. This hands-free scanner is state of the art and includes automated keel finding.


The waterjet delivers pressures from 30,000 psi to 87,000 psi (2070 to 6000 bar). The cutters travel full belt width for maximum flexibility and load sharing. You can run two or more lanes of whole breast or up to six lanes of singles.

Contact DG Foods

To learn more about the DSI 800 Series Waterjet Portioner and how it can efficiently and expertly portion your poultry products, contact a sales representative from DG Foods.

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