DG Foods, LLC was founded by poultry industry executives Duffy McKenzie and Greg O’Quinn to provide co-packing and contracting services to the poultry industry. The original 55000 square foot plant opened in Gallman, MS, in 2004 with approximately fifty employees deboning chicken thighs. In the following years, the company added breast deboning, MSC and tender portioning operations and employment at the Gallman facility is now over four hundred.

The United States continues to be the world’s largest producer of poultry meat. The demand for further processing services along with the reputation of DG Foods as an excellent provider of those services provided the opportunity to open a second facility in Bastrop, LA, in 2011, where DG Foods has breast and thigh deboning and MSC operations. This facility helps meet the growing demand for processed poultry products and contributes to the local community. Employment at Bastrop has risen to over four hundred.

DG Foods continues to provide the highest quality customer service as we expand our service lines. We provide deboned and hand portioned products and ship these throughout the United States.

Our employees take pride in their work, adhering to health and safety guidelines by wearing all required safety equipment, keeping a clean work environment and following proper procedures and policies. Our employees also know that if they identify problems or safety issues, our company maintains an open door policy for reporting them. Employees are encouraged to make suggestions about ways to improve the work environment and the services we provide for our customers.

DG Foods strives to provide a safe and productive environment for employees. Each and every employee is part of this process. We are committed to be a service oriented supplier of quality poultry products to meet our customers’ needs.