Want to work for DG Foods? Our poultry processing facilities in Bastrop, Louisiana, and Hazlehurst, Mississippi, employ more than 600 people combined.

DG Foods is committed to being a service-oriented supplier of high-quality poultry products within a workplace that is safe, healthy, and injury-free.

Our employees take pride in their work, and we are dedicated to safely meeting our customer’s needs and expectations. DG Foods works to remain at the forefront of product quality, processes and customer service.

Workplace Safety

DG Foods strives to provide a safe and productive environment for our employees. Our employees adhere to health and safety guidelines by:

  • Wearing all required safety equipment
  • Keeping a clean work environment
  • Following proper procedures and policies

Our employees also know that if they identify problems or safety issues, we maintain an open-door policy for reporting them. Employees are encouraged to make suggestions about ways to improve the work environment as well as the services we provide for our customers.


We are currently hiring for both managerial and hourly positions. Interested in applying for one of the open positions below, complete our online pre-employment application:


Please send your resume to


Hourly positions are available in the following departments:

Location: Bastrop


  • Debone
  • MSC
  • Breast Portioning 

Location: Hazlehurst


  • Tender — Rate of pay is based on productivity
  • Breast Portioning — Rate of pay is based on productivity
  • MSC


Call the employment line at (601) 875-0555.

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