Custom Processing

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Front Deboning

DG Foods is capable of processing over one million front halves per week using hand deboning cone lines. Between both facilities, we can meet most production requests.

Whether small, medium, or jumbo front halves, we have the ability to process whole or cut wings, clipped or unclipped tenderloins, trimmed or untrimmed breast fillets, and butterflies.

Thigh Deboning

Hand thigh is deboning available at our Bastrop facility. Using hand held Whizard Knifes, DG Foods can process 650,000 thighs per week on individual cutting tables.

Breast and Tender Hand Portioning

DG Foods has the current capacity to hand portion over 750,000 pounds, with the ability to portion small, medium, and jumbo breast and tenderloins.

Hand portioning allows for higher primary and secondary yields as well as minimizing trim yields. Sliced meat is available for breast hand portioning to allow for consistent thickness requirements. Tender hand portioning cuts include angle cut, center split, Y- cut, and bevel cut.


Slicing of boneless breast is available at our Bastrop facility. We utilize a Grasselli KSL Horizontal multiblade slicer capable of 5,000 pounds per hour.


Our x-ray inspection and hand inspection services identify for the presence of foreign materials including bones, cartilage or other identifiable materials.


Re-packaging services are available at both DG Foods facilities. We re-package fresh parts into bulk or bagged products.

Packaging includes bulk packing from 40-, 50-, 70- or 2000-pound packages with the ability to CVP 40-pound bulk packages or 4/10 and 8/5 packages.

Mechanically Separated Chicken

By offering our clients the ability to purchase frames from our front deboning service, they have the option to increase the value of their product compared to other rendering alternatives.

Poultry Labeling Services

DG Foods operates USDA inspected facilities that offer many labeling options for its customers. Our facilities have a USDA Process Verified Program that includes the following points:

  • No Antibiotics Ever (NAE)
  • No Antibiotics Important to Human Medicine (NAIHM)
  • USA Source Verified
  • Raised Cage Free
  • Vegetarian Diet

DG Foods can provide USDA Grading Services  upon request and is also USDA “AMS-Food Defense Audit” approved. Both facilities are Mexico, Canada, and Halal approved and have the ability to export to most all countries.