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Duffy McKenzie Retires From DG Foods

Hazlehurst, MS — It is with great emotion that DG Foods LLC announces that the founder and CEO of DG Foods, Duffy McKenzie, is retiring effective July 2022.

Duffy’s Legacy

After working in the poultry industry for 46 years—holding executive roles with multiple large companies for 35 of them—Duffy founded DG Foods in 2004 as a poultry further processor specializing in co-packing services. Under Duffy’s leadership for more than 18 years, DG Foods grew from one facility with 20 employees to one with 1,000 employees, adding a second facility in 2009 in Bastrop, Louisiana.

Built on quality, relationships, and service, DG Foods’ foundation allowed the company to grow from processing 50,000 pounds per week to start to processing 7.5 million pounds per week by 2022.

To date, DG Foods has enjoyed partnerships with customers such as Bar-S Foods, Foster Farms, Koch Foods, Pilgrim’s, Sanderson Farms, Tyson Foods and numerous other companies, with some relationships lasting greater than 18 years. As a result of the foundation Duffy laid, DG Foods is prepared to have even greater success in the years ahead.

Join us as we congratulate Duffy on his career and accomplishments and wish him a wonderful retirement.

About DG Foods LLC

DG Foods is a custom poultry processor, established in 2004 in Hazlehurst, Mississippi to provide co-packing services to large integrated poultry companies. As the demand grew, a second facility was started in Bastrop, Louisiana in the summer of 2011 for additional needs required by integrated poultry companies in the Southwest. DG Foods has since expanded into custom processing and portioning at both facilities with direct shipping capabilities across the United States.